My SweetHeart’s Birthday

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There is not another person in the whole world whose birthday has more meaning than my Best Friends birthday…Erin Elise. <3<3
I had the honor and privilege of spending that special day with her in Tennessee! It was her birthday that I was able to be at and we had SOOOOO much fun together!
Even though the week of her birthday was a really busy one, we were able to have a wonderful time together…just being together! Erin had final exams that morning, so I got up a little earlier to surprise her by decorating the vehicle that we were driving to school that day! She was surprised!

After school, I wanted to get a pair of shoes for Erin as a birthday gift, and I decided to go pick them out with her with some of our siblings. Then we looked at wedding rings together just for fun! This was a first for both of us I think! I wanted some ideas of what Erin liked because I didn’t want to be totally in the dark in getting the perfect ring for her. =)

The wonderful day ended in going to eat at a lakeside restaurant with Mr. and Mrs. Bates. It couldn’t have been more perfect!! So romantic and special! We can’t wait to got back! <3<3
We are both really excited about getting married! I know many people have been asking for a date! =D We are till deciding between two dates! Please continue to pray that God gives me wisdom in making decisions! We are REALLY looking forward to the next chapter in our Love-Story together! And we can’t wait to share it with you all!


  1. Oh my, how totally sweet and romantic! My heart melted while reading this. 🙂 You and Erin are such a sweet, good, godly example. Thank you for that! I have been and will continue to keep you both in my prayers. I would like to ask the same of you: would you please pray that God will lead and guide me according to His will? I would so appreciate that!
    Your friend in Christ,

  2. Chad and Erin,
    that's amazing! I love reading you and your family's blogs. you two are truly inspirational to me and to many, I'm sure. congrats and good luck! you make a wonderful couple!!
    Cassidy (waterloo, Ontario)

  3. Soooo exciting! Enjoy this time. So precious. Thank you for your example as young people. My husband's name is Chad! 🙂 We met in 8th grade and I remember the anticipation of marriage, and ring looking and all that stuff. The BEST time, yet still gets better. You guys will look back and have fond memories. May the Lord continue to shine his face upon you!!!

    Jessica Argon

  4. We were married four years ago and I would like to pass along some great advice that was given to us about the ring shopping. Do not buy at the mall or other retail store; you will pay tremendous prices for diamonds that are not even gem quality but should be ground up for industrial use. And if you do get a gem quality stone you will pay at least 30 percent more than you should. Please look up the best online diamond retailer at Forbes magazine. I am not naming the actual diamond website lest you think I am affiliated in some way. We sure did appreciate this advice and pass it on to all couples getting engaged so they get what they pay for and "save the difference".

  5. Both of your faces are just glowing in love! May God bless the future that awaits!
    [These photos are wonderfully professional! I 'specially like the one of your paparazzi!]

  6. Aaaaawwww!!!!! Gorgeous couple! Can't wait to hear of a question being popped!!! Lol. I'd tell you how my husband proposed but tis rather long winded! All the best.

  7. awww! such sweet pictures! Thanks for posting this! i epecially love the posts on you and Erin.=) that is so nice that you got to be with her on her birthday! Im praying for you both in this special relationship! =)
    love from Nyc, Symphony

  8. I love reading your posts and following your love story with Erin. Did I miss a post about your engagement? Would love to hear the proposal story! Best wishes and God bless.

  9. Aww that sounds like a sweet way to spend her birthday! 🙂 You both make a lovely couple! 🙂 I'll be praying for you both.

  10. I think a big and hearty congratulations is in due, Chad & Erin!! Congratulations! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing such a special time in your lives with us readers.

    For a long time I have been mesmerized by Erin's piano playing — it has encouraged me a lot. I hope one day to meet you both in person I have always had a singular ambition to visit the States. 😀

    With love from Australia. 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing you life and love for eachother..Im happy for the both of you..Congratulations and God Bless

  12. congrats on your engagement!!!! im so happy for you both! i hope to see a post about it on here soon.=) love and prayers, Symphony

  13. As excited as people are to hear an 'announcement' from you 2 (including me), it's nice to see a young couple taking their time with such a big decision. When you go into an engagement knowing in your heart and in your mind it's FOREVER, you tend to take things much more seriously. Unfortunately not enough young people take that time these days.
    May God continue to bless and lead you in this monumental next step in your relationship with each other, and with Christ.
    Prayerfully…from Alabama

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