Journey to the Heart of God – 2013

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I honestly didn’t think I would be headed up on a Journey to the Heart this week, and yet here I am in the Northwoods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a group of guys. This program has always challenged me  as I have led numerous Journeys of the years. God is always teaching me new things about Himself, how to respond to others, how to grow to more like Christ, and how to help others in times of need. The program really focuses on each person getting alone with God and growing in a personal relationship with Him!
Please pray for the two teams as we focus on seeking the Lord with all of our Heart!!

Psalm 81:7-13

~ Chad…Psalm 121:1-2 ~
…hf…for always…<3<3


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      the Journey to the Heart is an amazing tool in helping young people deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. I have worked with this program/ministry for many years and was asked to lead this Journey! I am so glad that I took time to go and work with these guys! God also did much work on me!! =')

      God bless!

      ~ Chad

  1. Do you get paid to do these Journeys? I was wondering if this is a good way for a Christian man to earn a living. Knowing you are working hard to prepare for marriage, I was curious of this was the way you were earning money to prepare to ask Erin to marry you.

    Thank you!!! Love to both you and Erin.

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      That's a good question! =) This ministry is mostly volunteer. I took off of work to go and spend this week working with young men and just spending time with the Lord myself. =)I am working a job doing construction/remodeling. I am most familiar with this field of work! Yes! I am trying to work hard in that direction with my sweet Erin. =') Please keep praying for us! God bless!!

      ~ hf…Chad

  2. After praying for 3 years for the Lord to provide a way for me to go on a Journey… HE DID!!! I get to go on my first Journey in about 2 weeks! I can't wait to grow even closer to our AMAZING Father and be around like minded and encouraging people! 🙂
    Lisa 🙂

  3. I'm just curious (nosy is probablt a better description) but have you and Erin discussed what ministry work you will do after marriage, particularly when there are children involved? Money talks are never fun or romantic but money, specifically the lack thereof can wreck a good marriage. Families and wives require love and time and money. I hope you have a good plan.

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      Thanks for asking! Yes, We have discussed many different options and are still looking into what God might have! I am currently working in Oklahoma and looking to move to Tennessee. Both Erin and I desire to be used of the Lord in a ministry and we are not sure what that will look like completely yet! But we are trusting the Lord will lead us and guide us in His timing and His way!

      ~ Chad…hf ~

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