It was meant to be…SHARED

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Two people set out on a journey of heart, soul, and spirit. They were
intent on discovering GREAT treasure together. They weren’t exactly sure
what it looked like or where it was to be found. Neither of them had
ever been there before so they didn’t know the path. Their sense of
direction wasn’t always flawless either. Sometimes there were wrong
turns and sometimes there were u-turns. Sometimes the path opened up
onto breathtaking vistas that seemed to extend to eternity itself.
Sometimes the fog rolled in and the path was hard to see. Sometimes they
left the path, following things that ended up not being treasures at
all. At times their hearts were carefree with simple joys. That made the
time pass easily. They’d share insights on the journey – encouraging
one another with hopes and dreams and laughter. At times they barely
spoke, keeping their thoughts to themselves, not sure they had anything worthwhile to say. Sometime they lost sight of each other, and that made them frightened.

they’d quickly run to find each other because they didn’t like that
feeling of going it alone. There were lots of things they didn’t
understand about this journey, but one thing they did know….IT WAS
MEANT TO BE SHARED. After a long while, which also seemed pretty short,
really- they realized the treasure they were looking for was not
something to be found ‘out there’. It was in the journey itself. It was
the gift of being known…the contentment of shared faith…and the quiet
satisfaction of knowing God was binding their hearts together inspite
of themselves. This priceless treasure of just being together, being
loved, was all their hearts wanted in the first place. I hope you know
that, no matter what, i can’t imagine this journey without you by my
side. We’re on the right path, God’s path, and with Him beside us, we’ll
come through together.

Please keep Erin and I in your prayers as we continue to wait on the Lord and grow closer to Him and each other! I hope to post about a Florida trip that I took with Erin and my family to visit my Grandparents! Will post soon! =)  ~ hf….always <3<3


  1. Thanks for this post … it can be applied to our life with God as well. Will continue to pray for you and Erin as The Lord leads you closer together.

  2. lovely pictures! I cant wait to hear about the Florida trip! God bless you both! You are constantly in my prayers.=)

  3. awww!! that was so sweet!!! you two are a beautiful couple!! you are so inspiring!! best of luck to you<3
    ~Cassidy from waterloo ontario

  4. That is such a sweet poem/letter. Wishing you and Erin all the best in the future!
    Just wondering though what kind of work you do or are you still studying

  5. Hey, Chad!! Great to be the first one to comment!! 🙂 Thanks for posting again! Honestly, I don't even know who you are, except that you are courting Erin Bates, whose family blog i have been keeping up with for quite a while now, but don't know either! jaja but anyway. Love blogs, and you make me think a lot. I can see by what you say that you are a Christian so, in a way, you are my brother through Christ and it's just great to know that in other places of the world, other people think the same way we do and love the Lord like us, too!! It's great to see your blog and please keep posting! it is such a blessing!! May God bless you and Erin lots in this courtship journey you are taking. :)My best friend and others are in the same place you are, and even thought i haven't been there yet, when I do i want to do what God wants me to do and be what He wants me to be, and i want to trust him with my relationship. You guys are an example in what you are doing and an encouragement to us who may someday be in the same trip, and for that ''Thank you!''. Keep up the good work!! Because of Him, A friend from Argentina!

  6. Dear Chad and Erin, there is a movie called Betrothed ( that I think you two would really enjoy! It's a couples journey to marriage following the example of Jesus coming back for His bride. Our whole family really enjoyed it, I know yours will too!
    Here are a couple more links that made me think of you two:
    May the LORD richly bless you as you continue to seek Him first in all that you do! Many Blessings!

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