I Love You Day

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What does it mean when a person says….
……..”I Love You“??……..
There can be so many different interpretations of that simple, yet profound, statement of affection. The word “Love” must be defined if we were able to begin to understand the depths of its meaning! Genuine Love has no ulterior motive…it is giving without having an expectation of anything in return. Love is key in any relationship. =)

This past week, I had the wonderful privilege of spending time with my Precious Sweetheart, Erin. <3<3
We went out on a special date for Valentines day (though it was way past Valentines =(. The Bates Family affectionately calls Valentines, “I Love You Day” =). I was so happy to take my Girl out on a special “I Love You” date! It was so precious! We had awesome food, fellowship….and photographers! (BIG GRIN) It was truly an unforgettable evening! I find that no matter what Erin and I do together, we always have the BEST of times! Whether its cleaning the kitchen after a meal, going on a walk, running an errand, or just sitting together…it is simply the BEST ever! I absolutely LOVE getting to know my Best Friend…my Forever Friend!
As you get to know a person, you begin to understand how they think and learn how they respond to different situations. You also get to see their weaknesses and the things that they need to grow in…this is when being a true friend is so important!! Erin is a true friend to me! As we have gotten closer, she has seen my weaknesses and my flaws and she has loved me in spite of my shortcomings! This is a true Friend! Proverbs 17:17a came alive as I thought about what Erin meant to me. “A friend loveth at all times…”
Even when I am not loving or I am not responding as I should in a situation, Erin has demonstrated a true Love that has challenged me to my core.

Thank you so much Honey, For Loving Him first…and then Loving me even when I don’t deserve it! =”)

I Love You, Erin!
  Psalm 121:1-2
<3<3                               ~ Yf….Always 


  1. You both make such a beautiful couple. It brings tears to my eyes to see how much you love each. May god bless you..

  2. I am so touched by your love story and look forward to reading your posts and seeing your relationship blossom. Thank you for sharing it with all of us, God Bless you all.

  3. awe precious and you certainly do make a beutiful couple and it brings tears to my eyes as well to see the love you have for each other . Thinking and praying for you both and that God will continue lead you and Guide you and use you mightly for Him and praying your lives and your courtship will be such an example to others espically young people

  4. You are such a beautiful couple!! I love your dress, Erin!! And I also love the matching color!! Love and Prayers!!

  5. Ohhhhhh…Sweetheart, I don't even know how to thank you for your love! =')'''' I don't deserve it at all! You really overwhelm me! And Chad, you are the one that has demonstrated such a Christ-like love, and that has overlooked so many faults in me! You are my HERO…and you always will be! =')'' God knew I needed you, and I can't thank Him enough for you! You are absolutely priceless to me! <3 <3 Thank you for being my true love!!! You make me smile so big! =) I love you, Chad…forever! <3 <3
    Yg ~ Erin
    Psalm 121:1-2

    P.s…Somebody is waiting for her "Knight in Shining Armor" to come to Tennessee…(big grin)! 😉

    1. Author

      You are too Sweet, Honey! I Love you!…and God definitely knew that I needed you! =') I love you so very much! I am so happy that He brought you into my life! I love learning and growing TOGETHER!
      1 4 3!!
      Forever Grateful,

      ~ yf…for always ~ <3<3

    2. Author

      1 4 3 is a code that means "I LOVE YOU" =)

      1 = I
      4 = LOVE
      3 = YOU

      it's just a little thing that we use to remind each other that we leave each other!! =)

      Thanks for asking Donna!

      ~ Chad … Psalm 121:1-2
      … hf …I Love you, Erin!

  6. What a swweeet post! Erin is looking very gorgeous with the pink cardigan and Chad is well-matched with the pink tie(LOL). God bless you both!

  7. I am so encouraged, Chad and Erin, by your story. Thank you all so much for keeping your hearts pure until the right one came along! 🙂

  8. so encouraging, it is sweet to know that you both kept your heart pure. 🙂 i cant tell you all are really in love by the pictures and the affectionate way you write about her.

  9. I do have a question, which I hope is not too personal. If it is please forgive me: I understand the Christian Courting principal encourages a couple always being chaperoned, and you both seem SO CLOSE to your parents (which I LOVE). When you lovely young people get together is it generally Mr. & Mrs. Bates who accompany you, and how does that work exactly? I mean, being chaperoned, you would want some sort of privacy, even while following your own courting guidelines. Oh goodness, I really hope I'm not being too nosey! I just love the pure nature of your relationship! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks for asking!!
      Erin and I have chosen to have chaperones with us whenever we are together. It is not always our parents, it is usually one or several of our siblings. We believe it's really important that during the courtship time that we establish a relationship with each others siblings. We realize that it's not just about the two of us! There are so many other people that are being influenced by what we do! It has really been neat to invest in each others family members!
      At this point in our relationship we have felt that we are able to have sufficient privacy with how things are.I hope this answers your questions!?

      God bless you!

      ~ Chad…Psalm 121:1-2 ~
      hf…I Love you Erin! <3<3

    2. I had not even considered how having a family member as a chaperone allows you to create a relationship with that family member. I LOVE that idea! What a wonderful way to build family bonds that last a lifetime. You are so right to realize it's not just about the two of you, it's about blending two families and creating memories as a UNIT! {You answered beautifully.}
      I actually showed my 17 year old son this thread (and your earlier post about you asking Erin's father's permission to court and their positive answers). He's now asking me a lot of questions about courting. YAY! He's always been such a gentleman and polite, respectful young man. I pray he makes the same decision to follow Christian courting!!!!!
      Thank you for the beautiful example you're setting for your friends, siblings, and perfect strangers!
      God bless you ALL!

    3. Chad and Erin, That is so awesome. When Megan and I were courting, I loved the fact that I got the opportunity in getting to know the family on top of getting to know her. It was such a blessing as I'm sure it is a blessing for you two getting to know each other's family. May God continue to bless you as your courtship flourishes.

      Joshua and Megan Kaiser

  10. That is such and awesome story. Erin and Chad it's so refreshing to see a young couple that has the same beliefs as Megan (my wife) and I. Erin, Megan wants to know where you got your dress at? She loves polka dots and would love to get one. May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless you guys as your relationship continues to grow. God Bless. Joshua Kaiser

    1. Author

      Hi Mr. Kaiser,
      Thank you so much for the encouragement! God has been so good to us, and we are definitely excited about the future! =) I got my dress from JcPenny's, and I got the sweater from the children's place! =) I love polka dots too..(grin)! 😉
      I love my Sweetheart…soooo much!! <3 <3

    2. Dear Miss Erin,
      I just have to say, I LOVE THAT DRESS, too! I make and sell bows, and some ribbon that would go with that dress. PLEASE, do not feel like I am wanting you to buy one. I just had to tell you, the ribbon would go so well with the dress! As I said DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO BUY ONE. If you do want to see them, Just leave another comment, about it, and then I can leave one with my e-mail, but not publish it. You send me a e-mail and then I would send you pictures.

  11. You two are such an adorable couple! It's so nice to see Christian couples who are not afraid to show love for one another during this phase of life. I grew up in a very conservative church and we were taught that showing emotion during the courtship phase is wrong because it blinds you from knowing the other person and you look away from the important things since you're letting your heart do the talking. Pretty much, we were to keep it "business like" and wait until engagement to say "I love you" and let our emotions talk. Thankfully, my parents thought this was wrong and encouraged us to show love with each other. You two are living proof of that! It's so cute to read your posts and Erin's posts :)). It brings back memories of the hubby and I because we acted the same way! We used to have secret code words for each other, which made it so special. God did so good in bringing you two together and I can't wait to see what else is in stores for you two! You two are made for each other. God bless you two!

    Ps. I, too, would love to know where Erin got her dress :). So modest, yet very fashionable and gorgeous!

  12. Thanks Erin so much! It looks like we will be making a trip to JcPenny's and the Children's Place in the near future to look for that outfit. Have a blessed day!

    Joshua Kaiser

  13. Hey Erin, Megan and I bought both of your music albums, they are wonderful. You are very talented and was wondering if you plan to make any more albums in the future? Also you all can call me Josh if you want Megan and I are around your same age lol Megan is 21 and I'm 27 or Mr Kaiser is also fine. Blessing from the Kaiser Family

    Joshua and Megan

    1. Author

      Awe…Thanks so much, Josh! Yes, I am planning on recording hopefully this summer. Thank you so much for your encouragement..I am definitely still learning! God bless you and your sweet family! =)
      I love my sweetheart! <3 <3

    1. Author

      Mr. Bates and Alyssa took the photos! They did an awesome job! Both Erin and I love pictures! Great reminders of really special times! =)

      ~ Chad…hf ~

  14. I noticed that both you and Erin are wearing rings on your middle finger. Is there a meaning behind the rings?

    1. Author

      Thanks for asking! Yes, there is a meaning behind our rings. Mine was given to me when I was a teenager by my parents after I had made a commitment to them to obtain their full blessing on my marriage and that I would strive to keep myself pure for the one God had for me! I guess most people would call it a purity ring. =) Erin's ring is a purity ring as well…and I really look forward to the day that I can replace that ring with a better one! {Big Grin} =)
      Thanks for asking!

      ~ Chad ~
      …hf…I love you, Erin!… <3<3

  15. Chad, I hope I'm not crossing the line with this question, but I'm curious so I apologize in advance! I know you and Erin are refraining from holding hands, hugging, and kissing right now during this precious and exciting phase of life but have you two talked about what the guidelines will be after engagement? Do you plan on waiting until wedding day to hold her hand/hug her or is this something you two both have prayed about and feel engagement time is acceptable to hold hands? Husband and I held off kissing until our wedding day because we wanted to keep that part special for our wedding day but after much prayers and blessings from our parents, we held hands during our engagement. It was a precious time :)). I was just curious if you guys have talked about it or you two will determine that when that day comes..which I'm sure a proposal will come sooner than later! You two are such a cute couple and a perfect example of how amazing God is in finding all of us our special someone. If there's one thing my parents taught me is that you should always put your faith in God and always trust Him!

  16. Love your courtship. You have one beautiful woman Chad! Enjoy this precious time of courtship. Hope to see pictures of a nice ring some day!

  17. Chad,
    I noticed that Alyssa and John Webster were also along for the fun. Are they courting? I hope that you and Erin allow TLC to film the wedding. We miss the Bates family on TLC.

  18. I think that, for me as a sigle girl, it can be hard to understand how a guy loves his girl. With a world that is so focuesed on outer appearaces/looks, sometimes I feel discouraged because I personally don't meansure up to this world's standards of beauty. Erin is certainly a beautiful young woman, but even if she weren't, would you love her just as much anyway? How do godly guys like you view beauty, in the world's perspective vs. God's perspective?
    Thanks so much! I don't have any brothers or close guy friends, so it would be so helpful to me if you could share!

    1. Author

      I am so sorry it took me so long to respond!..but that's a really good question! I know that many girls feel they don't "measure up" and feel inferior to some outward ideal. But what many girls often overlook is the fact that the real "them" is not their outward appearance! I have often told Erin that her outward beauty is only part of her…and I didn't just fall in love with one part of Erin! I fell in love with so much more! One of the biggest things that attracted me to Erin was her love for Jesus! It was sooo real and genuine! A young man who truly loves the Lord won't just focus on the outward. I was also really attracted to Erin's personality! It makes me smile just thinking about it!
      You are right when you said that our world does focus on the outward/appearance of things. But if a young man is wise…he will recognize that physical beauty will soon pass. I believe that a girl's true beauty is truly who she is on the inside! Because that's a beauty that can't be taken away by the normal aging process! LOL =) It really has much to do with a young man's perspective when it comes to viewing girls and beauty and such. The world whispers subtle lies to girls that unless they measure up to some "standard" then they aren't considered beautiful or attractive…there is nothing father from the truth! =( I know that I have kinda rambled, but I hope this answers your questions?!? =) I definitely don't have it all figured out, and I would love to hear your thoughts! I know that Erin would have great insights on this too!
      Thank you, Faith! May God bless!

      ~ Chad ~
      …hf…for Keeps

    2. Chad,
      I must echo your words: I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond! And yes, that really answers my questions and helps me a lot! Thank you so much. 🙂 I would love to hear Erin's insights if she would be willing to take the time and share some.

      I am so encouraged by your's and Erin's relationship. Thank you for being shining lights in this dark, sinful world! I keep you both in my prayers.

      In Jesus,

  19. I've enjoyed following your courtship, and you two make a beautiful couple! The pictures are gorgeous – I was a wedding photographer before having my twins, and enjoyed getting to know a couple from behind the lens. Great job to your photographer! =)

    1. Author

      To my knowledge…they haven't! But they sure are good!! =) So grateful for pictures that capture this special time in our lives!

      ~ Chad

  20. Thank you for sharing your courtship with us all. I hope to be hearing wedding plans soon:) You two make a beautiful couple.

  21. Chad & Erin, THANK YOU for being so open in expressing the love that God has blessed you two with. You two are going to build a delightful home & family together and it is a true privilege to see it happening step by step. It has inspired our faith to keep praying for the same for our kids (current ages 10 & 16) in the future. Thank you, guys. God is so good & you two are such a blessing!

  22. Thanks so much for sharing! I will be praying for you and Erin and look forward to seeing you post more! Erin is a wonderful girl! =) God bless you! When did you and Erin meet?

  23. You both are a wonderful example of true Christian love. I so hope that I can instill this value in my children, even though the world wants to tell us all otherwise. Perhaps, someday, we can all meet at an ATI conference. We haven't been able to attend one yet, but we are praying that it may be financially doable in the future. Many blessings to you both! Lisa Boyle

  24. Wow!! so wonderful!! I am so glad that you are courting!! Erin looks beautiful, and i simply love her straight hair!! Compliments her color and beautiful blong hair. 🙂 Am a genious at those things. 😉 and Hey, Chad! You look like a movie star but i can't remember which! You are perfect for each other!

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