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I am really proud to put up this post about my brother, Tommy Boy.
Through his dedication, my parents encouragement, and the inspiration of many others, Thomas has cut his first CD. I am so pumped about it! =D
 One of my favorite things to do at the end of a days work would be to lay back and listen to my bro play music that flowed from his heart through his fingers onto the piano…I loved it!.
The Cd that he recently made is a compilation of his own melodies, save one song. =) His creativity amazes me! He is looking to cut a new CD of spiritual songs soon!  I absolutely LOVE this CD (and I am not just biased!…LOL)!!!

Hear the CD for yourself at …

I know that you will really be blessed by it as I have been!

~ Chad…Psalm 121:1-2
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      thanks for asking! I am checking with my brother and will let you know!! =) I dont know if its possible yet…but I will find out!

      ~ Chad

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      It appears to be working, I'm not exactly sure what the problem was! Sorry about that! =) God bless you!!! =)
      Erin ….loves Chad!!! <3 <3

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      Yes! He is a very accomplished pianist! He has played for several weddings as well as special events! He is very musically inclined. He plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica, hammer dulcimer, and other instruments.

      ~ Chad =)

  1. I just went over to check out your brother's CD. I LOVE IT! I love listening to these types of CD's when I'm at work and I now I'm excited to have another CD to add to my collection. Thanks to your brother for making a great CD!

  2. I have just listened to some of the songs included on the CD and I truly believe that those are accomplishments facilitated by the Lord! Best of luck to Tommy and his musical career. As a musician myself, I always enjoy seeing others using their musical talents to glorify God.

    P.S. Chad and Erin, I can only hope that I will one day be able to find a relationship like the one that you two seem to have! God bless both of you!

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