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“A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the
widows, is God in his holy habitation”
Psalm 68:5
Seeing God’s hand at work in the country of Bolivia through
the service of Nacer Ministries was truly inspiring! This trip has truly opened
my eyes to, not only life in different country, but it helped me see how easily
I take the “little things” that we enjoy everyday for granted! Things such as
hot water, A/C (it’s the middle of summer down there =), variety and access of
food, and a host of other blessings become much more appreciated when they
aren’t as available! I definitely came away from this time more grateful than
before I went! LOL
I wouldn’t trade this experience or the lasting
memories that I have made because of this time for anything. I saw life through
a different perspective!
The majority of our trip was focusing on
different construction needs that the ministry had. The Lord blessed the work
of our hands, and we were able to complete a large roofing project while we
were there! Even though temperatures were in the 100’s with 100% humidity, God
gave us strength to endure! It was truly a blessing to be apart of a great
group of guys who had sacrificed time and resources to serve these orphan homes
in this way! I was challenged by the love and the commitment of my fellow team
Even in the midst of our busy work schedule, we
were able to spend time with the kids! Even though my Spanish is really
limited, I really enjoyed getting to carry on simple conversations with the
boys! They loved any attention…they are really hungry for love and approval of
anyone! My heart was deeply touched by the openness that they expressed even
through our broken communication. =’)
The time spent there was definitely worth it! And
I am really grateful that God allowed it and provided in more than one way for
me to be able to make this trip!
Please pray for the Nacer Ministries! That God
will continue to raise it up to minister light and truth to boys and girls in
need in Santa Cruz, Bolivia! God kept us safe and
blessed our time! It was truly fruitful! Thank you for your part in it!
~ Chad… Psalm 62:8
…. I love Erin …. 



  1. awwwwwwww….Oh Chad, That's the sweetest thing in the whole world!! =')'''' God is so good! I am soooo happy the Lord opened this door of opportunity for you! I know you were a blessing…as always! I love you, Sweetheart! <3 <3
    Yg…Psalm 121:1-2

  2. I'm so glad that God was able to use you and those other men to both serve the Bolivian orphans.
    I will continue to pray for you and Erin as well as the Nacer Ministries.

  3. Wow, Chad, you are going to make Erin the luckiest girl in the world! Anyone would be lucky to be with you! Handsome, nice and caring man! 🙂

    1. Author

      NOT at All!!! lol….I am the most BLESSED young man I know! If you knew Erin as I do, you would understand and see how it is the other way around! She inspires me, and challenges me so much! Thank you for your kind words! But it is really God's mercy and grace upon my life that I have such a Girl as Erin! =')

      ~ Chad…
      … hf …

  4. I'm just curious about the "code letters";) that are under your signatures – yg and hf. What are they?

    I can't help saying it: you guys are such a sweet couple!

    1. Author

      Hey there Corrie! About the code letters, =D
      …in corresponding with her, usually at the end of each of my txts or emails…and sometimes comments, I usually sign mine as "yf"…Your Fella…and when I am writing to other people…I put "hf"… "Her Fella" =D
      And Erin usually signs hers as "yg"…Your Girl. ='D

      It's the sweetest thing ever! I am so blessed to have the sweetest, most caring Girl I know as my forever friend. =)

      God bless you, Corrie!

      ~ Chad
      … hf… =)

    2. Although I don't know you guys in person, I'm near to tears…lol you two are so cute, I wish you a lifetime of happiness (and more!)

  5. Chad, awesome to see that the Lord led you on a mission trip to Bolivia! I know for me helping out on construction trips to poorer peoples is so rewarding – God cares so much about people like this, and not many people reach out to help them. Thanks bro for being a great leader and example for our generation!

    well, keep practicing your Spanish and hope to see you sometime!
    -Caleb Mellas

  6. WOW!!! We sponsor a little girl who live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I was looking for her in all of the pictures, but didn't see her.:-(

    God bless you!

  7. Hey chad… I stumbled across your blog as I watched the bates show for the first time today. Funny thing is that've am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia 🙂 good to see people like you that care about those less fortunate. I'm sure they appreciated your hard work. Thank you from all of us!

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