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If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I was thankful for, my family would have to be in the top five. I am so blessed. As I think I think about each one of my siblings and their uniqueness, their individuality, and yet our similarities…I just smile and think “Awesome.” =) I love my family…and somehow, they love me…even when I am unloveable.
As a family, we spent Thanksgiving with our extended family. We don’t get very many opportunities to do this. So we were really grateful that 71 of us were able to get together! We had a blast! More pics to come later. =)
It’s hard to imagine that it’s the 29th of Nov. already…with only a week and half left till our annual IBLP Christmas conference and just under two weeks left till Tabby and me find ourselves in Peru! Can life get anymore fantatstic! =)

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  1. Family is wonderful. Praise God that we have an even greater number of members in Him that can strengthen and encourage us when we need to get back on our feet ~ or to point out our blind spots so that we do not stray. As always, your posts are a great encouragement!

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