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If I had to narrow it down to one thing that I was thankful for, my family would have to be in the top five. I am so blessed. As I think I think about each one of my siblings and their uniqueness, their individuality, and yet our similarities…I just smile and think “Awesome.” =) I love my family…and somehow, …

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with family and friends… Looking forward to reminiscing and thinking back upon all that God has done this year… Looking forward to….well, good food. =) God is so good! Have a blessed Thnanksgiving as you remember HIM… =) ~ Chad

My Father’s Love

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The World’s wealth and riches can be bought or sold,but I posses a Treasure far greater than gold,’twas a gift passed down to me from heaven above,’twas the gift of my Father’s LOVE.And my Father’s Love, is strong and true,Always beleiveingAlways seeing me throughSo no matter what happens in His grand Design,I’ll be fine, with my Father’s LOVE. Safe and …

Psalm 130

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As I thought about the words to this Psalm, I was encouraged. As I thought about what God has done for me, what I truly deserve,…words can’t express how I feel. Overwhelmed? Just those three words…forgiveness, mercy, and redemption, express a wonderful story it is so amazing that it gives me something worth living for.Be encouraged today, He loves YOU. …

O. Chambers – November 15

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This was quite the challenge to me this morning. I don’t want a scrap of self left. Totally focused, totally surrendered to Jesus Christ to be made fully usable in His hands. …Most of us live only within the level of consciousness— consciously serving and consciously devoted to God. This shows immaturity and the fact that we’re not yet living …

A Fall Day in Hinsdale

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Today…I am sitting inside a Starbucks with my brother, Tommy Boy. Outside, there is a stiff breeze blowing the fallen leaves across the streets and sidewalks of the little town of Hinsdale. It’s overcast and rather dreary…a perfect day for a warm cup of coffee…or hot chocolate (whichever you prefer). LOL A week ago today, I was driving back from …