The Last Journey

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My heart is full…I am overwhelmed by God’s love and mercy. He has been so good, so faithful. Today I leave on a Journey to the Northwoods. I am really excited about what God is going to do. As I was thinking about this Journey, I was reminded of Zechariah 4:6. “…Not by might, nor by power, but by my …

Our Frost-Breathing God

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I saw a video by Louie Giglio about our “Star-Breathing” God. It was simply amazing! It left you with a feeling of wonder, amazement, and mere unworthiness at God’s love  and concern for me and all of mankind. One morning I woke up in the Northwoods. During the night, it had frosted, and the grass and leaves were covered in …

Heading to Northwoods!

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Heading to Northwoods today…this time for a fishing excursion with some great friends!….Will be sure to keep you posted. =)Have an awesome weekend! ~ Chad…=)

Isaiah 6:1-5

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I am trying to think of a way to describe the past almost three weeks now. It is really hard. So many things took place and were subject to change. In the midst of all that took place, I found a refuge, a secret place on a Rock that never moves. A place that shelters you in the time of …