A g.r.e.a.t. Weekend

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Ok, so it was a crazy weekend. How can a weekend be so full of business, fun, work, stress and excitment all at the same time? LOL…it was kind of like that.
God really blessed once again. All of us were able to have wonderful conversations with families that had never heard of our material and what God was doing in the ministry. I was surprised at how many young families attended this convention…it was awesome to be able to speak into their lives for a brief 5-10 minutes. Larry Guthrie was a main speaker at this convention. It was good to see him and what God was doing in his ministry.
We made it back to Chi town this morning around 5 am, so we all are kind of tired…but it’s a good tired. =) We made some great memories. =) I think our group shot pictures describes the week…this was taken just as we were ready to leave the convention center last night…God def. was our strength and our Joy. PTL!
There’s only one week before we turn around and head South for the first ATI regional conference of the year in Big Sandy TX. Excited at what God will do in this conference as well.
God bless you all, enjoy your Sunday with the Lord.



  1. Hey Chad,

    That's great that everyone in your group was able to speak to so many families about the ministry at IBLP!!!

    But I have to ask…what or who is the reddishorange monkey?:) He seems to appear everywhere:) Just wondering:)
    Have a good day!
    God Bless!

  2. Author

    LOL…Yes, the monkey is our mascot. =) It all started back in 2010 at a series of conferences. Yes…our furry friend helps boost moral. =)
    Reggie Jr. is his name.

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