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Sunday was an awesome day of rest…I sure enjoyed it. 
And now…here comes the rest of the week. =)
~ Chad

7 Ways to Better Communicate with the Lord

1. Thank God – Have an attitude of gratefulness.
2.  Clear up offenses with others and with God.
3. Magnify the name of the Lord.
4. Cry out for spiritual children.
5. Read a large section and look for Rhemas
6. Engraft received Rhemas into your soul.
7. Share what you have learned with others.

Dr. Bill Gothard


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  1. Hi Chad!
    I've recently joined your blog, these pictures are beautiful! It looks like you have spring already in full force in your area! We still have snow banks (that are thankfully dwindling:) up here in the North… I really liked your seven ways to have communication with the Lord, and you have to do them in that order!:) Otherwise you are back to square one:)
    Thanks for the reminder!
    You are welcome to check out my blog at thekingscountrygirl.blogspot.com
    God Bless!

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