Finished Once Again

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Last night I was able to finish my assignments on time. PTL What a relief! Things have been humming here at the NWCC as usual. We have tackled the huge project of cleaning out the main office and that is pretty much near completion. I have been busy doing school (of course), drywall, plumbing, spraying, etc. Life is never dull …


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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill

Think of Jesus

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For encouragement this week, think of Jesus. He was angry enough to purge the temple. Hungry enough to eat raw grain. Distraught enough to weep in public. Fun loving enough to be called a drunkard. Winsome enough to attack kids. Weary enough to sleep in a storm-bounced boat. Poor enough to sleep on dirt. Radical enough to get kicked out …

Just a thought….about HIM

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I was really encouraged and challenged by Psalm 25 yesterday. Today Psalm 26 was good too. Everywhere I turn, I see the lovingkindness of the LORD. He has given me life and breath. He has given me family and friends. He has given me TODAY.   Psalm 26:3

Too Much Coffee?

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I have heard that moderation is a good thing. =) I thought this was pretty funny and a rather wise admonition to coffee drinkers. Careful, you can overdue it. =) You have had too much coffee when…  – You answer the door before people knock.  – You ski uphill.   – You grind your coffee beans in your mouth.  – …

The Towel Family

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Recently we have had the privelage of working with the Towel family here in the Northwoods. They have generously volunteered there time to help us here with some of our bigger projects. They have been such a blessing! Over a two day period, we were able to paint the old schoolhouse at the North end of the property. Actually, it …

Can you say…BUSY?

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That’s what the past couple of weeks have been. Such a variety of work and activity, it can be pretty exciting at times. I have thoroughly enjoyed it even though it leaves you really tired at the end of each day. =) I wanted to post some pictures of different things that I have been too busy to blog about. …

The Best is Yet to Come

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Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with a group of awesome people here at Northwoods. I’m getting old. =) Circumstances around me are constantly changing, people move on, plans and purposes are redirected; so much seems to change. I have found only one thing that does not change and that is the Lord and His faithfulness. He has always been there. …

Closing days of a Journey

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This Journey has been great. Just as God intended it to be. He has done above and beyond what we could have ever expected or imagined. The Lord has truly been faithful. As the Journey teams spend their final day here at the Northwoods, a group of people are working hard int he background to make this Journey a success. …

Journey + School.

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the Lord has really been blessing on this Journey. He has really done some amazing things already and we aren’t even half-way through the week yet. PTL. Today I have a midterm exam…so I am excitedly, or should I say anxiously preparing. =) the sunrise yesterday morning was spectacular. I happened to look outside as it was coming up and …